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Tribal Tour in India

India Tribal TourTribals in India inhabits some of the most beautiful forest land. These hilly regions have become symbolizing factor in identifying the tribes of India. Plan tribal tour in India to these magnificent countryside where tribals in India lives, untouched by modernization. Tribals in India still use wood and coal to cook food and travel by foot for long distance. India tribal tour helps to know about rituals and traditions of tribals in India. Plan a tribal tour in India and know famous Indian tribes distinct culture, feature, lifestyle, clothing, cuisine and customs.

A tribal tour in India is the ideal way to know more about tribals in India and explore the interior areas. Most fascinating part of tribes are their customs and traditions, dance, song and dress. Undertake India tribal tour to peep into the lifestyle of tribals in India. Though in most occasion these famous Indian tribes have many similarities but because of geographical location there are few striking difference too. For example a tribe from North East may have different customs compare to tribe from Orissa or Andaman.

Tribal Vacation destinations in India
Orissa has one of the largest tribal population in India. It has altogether 62 tribal communities and their population constitute around 2 percent of the state. The tribes of Orissa basically belongs to four linguistic division namely Indo-Aryan, Dravidian , Tibeto-Burmese and Austric group. Districts like Koraput, Rayagada, Kalahandi, Naurangpur and Malkangiri have majority tribal population. Important tribes are Bhumia, Bhunjia, Bagata and Chenchu. Among them Bhumia tribe has tradition of eloping at the time of marriage. The tribes of Orissa despite poverty have successfully retained their rich culture and traditions. Each tribes have different cultures, dialects and festivals.

Tribal Orissa TourSome tribes still lives in deep jungles while others have opened up to the modernity. Fishing and hunting are the major occupation of the tribes of the state. Most of the tribes are quite friendly but one needs to take care of certain things while interacting with them. Festival is one occasion when all the tribes dresses up in traditional attires and together celebrate it in big way.

This new and young state of India though recent entrant into the tourism sector offers many exciting sightseeing opportunity. Tribal constitutes large part of the state's total population and are majority in districts like Bastar. Mos of these tribes lives in the dense forested areas with lush greeneries, high waterfalls and flowing streams. They lives in majestically built bamboo huts and they are very brave people. Each tribal group have their own culture and each live life on their own terms.

Watching the lifestyle of tribal and how they live their can teach visitors a few lesson. Despite the tough life of jungle these tribes always have positive outlook towards live and live a jolly life. There are some tribes who still lives in interior forest and does not like to mingle with outsiders. It is advised better not to disturb them as they mistake it as hostile attacks. Major tribes of Chhatsigarh are Gonds, Muria and Halba.

This state which was craved out of the Bihar came into existence in year 2000. Tribals here have been fighting for separate state since long time and tribal leaders like Birsa Munda who had lead this struggle has become the part of history. State has 32 different tribes and their population constitute 28% of the total state population. Major tribes of state are Birhor, Asur, Birajia, Munda, Santhal, Ho and Oraon. For long most of these tribes have lived in the jungles but in the recent times with influence of education they are integrating into mainstream. Their houses are built of muds and does not have any windows. But they always decorates the external surface of their houses with paintings. Some of the tribes like Lohra, Mahli, Karmali are artisans by profession.

They make some beautiful traditional items and handicrafts. State is very rich in flora and fauna. Betla national park and Hazaribagh wild life sanctuary are important tourist attractions. While being in Jharkand one can collect many tribal art works like pottery, ornaments, metal works and tribal weapons. A visitors can try out tribal tattoo called Godna. Most of the tribal women applies tattoos on their bodies. Most of tribes are very warm people but it is always advised to be visit with local guides for safety reason. They are very particular about their customs and traditions, it is always good to respect it.

Madhya Pradesh Tribal TourMadhya Pradesh
Tribals for long have been an integral part of the state's rich tradition. It makes up around 21 percent of the state's population, with majority of them involved in cultivation and farming. There are 46 tribal group in the state and 3 of them have been identified as special primitive group. These tribes are very spiritual and religious by nature. For long animism has been the prevalent religion. But with the influence of modernity they have take up various religions. Like other tribal groups of India they too have embraced Christianity in large manner.

Gond, Bhil, Baiga, Korku, Bhariya are some of the important tribes of state. District like Dhar, Jhabua and Mandla are pre-dominantly tribal districts. They make good use of bamboos to make various traditional handicrafts. Some tribes are also known for making beautiful traditional jewellery's and ornaments. So while visiting tribal areas one can check out these items. There are some areas which have been infected by naxalites, so visitors need to be careful while selecting the place to visit.

Arunachal Pradesh
The name Arunachal means land of rising sun. This beautiful state of India where first ray of sun shines is tourists paradise. This is still a land of unexplored, there is so much natural beauty with picturesque mountains, turbulent rivers and so much natural wonders makes it truly a enchanting destinations. This state is home to 28 different tribal groups and they constitute majority. Major tribes are Nyishi, Adi, Apatani and Monpa. Among them Nyishi is the largest group and are dominant in all spheres.

Almost all districts have majority tribal population. These tribals still follow their traditional customs and practices. But influence of modernity have badly affected these them. They have been hugely influenced by the western cultures and it has led to disintegration of their culture. They are very lovable and open minded people. As such visitors wont face much problem while visiting Arunachal. This state is quite hilly and most of area are covered with thick forests. Some areas like Tawang, Ziro, Mechuka are cold through out the year and visitors are advised to always carry some warm clothes. Being a sensitive state there are some restrictions which a tourist needs to take care.

This state has rich tribal traditions and they are very proud of their ethnicity. There are 16 different tribes and they are the dominant group in state. Important tribes are Angami, Ao, Sema and Lotha. The tribes of Nagaland have very colourful traditions and celebrate their festivals quite exuberantly . These tribes known as Naga are very proud about their traditions. Living in tough terrains have made these tribes physically strong and they are very honest people.

Nagaland is blessed with good climate and one can visit this state anytime of the year. There are beautiful small hills across the state and most of the tribes inhabitat these hill. There is no caste system among the tribes of Nagaland and people are very open minded about marrying any group. Most of tribes have converted to Christianity but still they follow their traditional customs. Area is also known for its beautiful traditional handicrafts specially Naga headgears is quite fascinating. Tribes are quite educated and mostly speak English which will be an added advantage for the visitors.

Mizoram Tribal TourMizo's as tribe of Mizoram calls themselves live in this magnificent hill state. Like other tribes of North East , the origin of various tribes of Mizoram is shrouded with mystery. While some scholars believe they migrated from China other think that they arrived from Mongolia. They had remained untouched by outside world till Britishers arrived in 1826. Coming of Christian missionaries brought lots of changes. Gradually most of the tribe converted to Christianity and their lifestyle changed for good.

Today around 85% of state population is Christian. But with time they have started practicing religion as per their local customs and traditions. It is second most literate state of India and English is a major language. Tribals have very colorful dresses and traditions. Bamboo dance is the most popular form of folk dance which is very popular. Chapchar Kut or Spring valley celebrated during month of March is an important festivals of the state. So, visitors can plan their vacation around this time and be part of the celebration. Major tribes are Pawi, Ralte and Kuki.

It is one of the India's most beautiful hill state. Though small in size Manipur's tribe is an important part of the state's socio-cultural society. It is believed that most of tribes of Manipur migrated from nearby state like Assam, Nagaland and Meghalaya. They have brought in their own customs and traditions and incorporated it into the whole culture and traditions of Manipur.

There are around 29 tribal group in the state and each have their own distinct tradition and languages. Major tribes include Mao, Maram, Thangkul and Pumai. Like other tribes of region, the tribal's of Manipur is also well educated and most of them can speak minimum English. Here too Christianity have deeply influenced the tribals. But there some tribes who still follow traditional form of worships and are very superstitious. But generally tribes are very innocent people and very warm towards visitors.

Very often this state is refer to as Scotland of East for its excellent scenery. State capital Shillong is one of the most famous hill station of India and is frequented by tourist from all over the world. Garo, Khasi, Bhoi are some of the major tribes of state. Most of them follow Christian religion and are quite educated.

Tribes of Meghalaya just like other tribes of North East are very open minded people. There is no caste system and women are equally respected. Most of tribes follow a matrilineal system where identity and inheritance of property are traced through Women. There are many local festivals which are celebrated but Christmas is the most popular one. During festivals different tribes joined each other and becomes part of the celebration. This state is quite rich in flora and fauna..Visitors will not only enjoy meeting tribal people but will have excellent opportunity to see beautiful landscapes of the state.

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