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Popular Attractions of India

India is a tourists paradise in every sense. This country offers all kinds of travel attractions to select for the visitors. From the vast desert to pristine beaches to highlands of Himalayas, one can have lifetime experience visiting this enigmatic and beautiful country. Apart from the various travel attractions, the rich culture and traditions of this country will immensely charm the visitors. It has a rich history which is 5000 years old. Great civilizations of past like Indus valley and Harappa have all existed in its past. India is a very vast country, it may take quite lot of time to cover whole country, if one wishes to. Climatic conditions also differs from one region to another and from season to season. Summer can be very harsh and one has to take proper precautions. This country is regarded as land of spirituality too. An added advantage for any travelers is that English is a major language here. Transportations and and hotel rates are quite affordable too.
Kerala Backwaters
Backwaters of Kerala is an compelling travel attraction. One cannot stop gushing about the beauty and serenity of this state while drifting in the swallow backwater. This god's own country has other scintillating tourist stops like Kovalam beach, hill station in Munnar and is flanked by towering Western Ghats.

Goa Beaches
Welcome to the land of beaches in India. The favorite of all the holidaymakers from across the world, Goa is the ultimate tourist attraction of India. With long and beautiful coastline this state is known for sun, sand and sea. A backpackers paradise Goa today finds its name in every tourists map of the world. Known for its hip and happening beaches, it is always crowded with tourists through out the year. Specially among the foreign tourists Goa is in big demand.

Palace on Wheels
This is one of the crowning glory of Indian tourism sector. One can feel like king while traveling in this majestic train. With beautiful interior decorations symbolizing traditional Rajasthani Maharaja's and its rich culture, this eight day journey is an unforgettable experience. During its tour, the train will take you through pink city Jaipur, the city of lake Udaipur, the fascinating desert of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, the magical Taj Mahal and National parks like Ranthmabore.

Taj Mahal
Here comes the jewel of India and one of the seven wonders of the world. This monument, built by the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz, has become a symbol of the eternal love. Tourists from all over the world visit India some times only to see this stunning monument. Taj Mahal is a masterpiece of the India's architectural brilliance. The best thing about the Taj is its proximity to capital city Delhi.

The Himalayas
For those ardent lovers of high mountains and nature, the great Himalaya is the place to be. It is the place where sky meets land. Starting from the rugged mountain of Ladakh to the picturesque Himachal Pradesh to snow covered mountains of Sikkim, Himalaya is the best place to experience nature at its best.

Varanasi's Ghats
When it comes to religious and spiritual tourism, nothing can beat this place. With the Ganges flowing majestically and thousands of pilgrimage taking bath in its holy water it is treat to watch people at its spiritual best. There are around 100 ghats in Varanasi.

Ladakh Monasteries
This town, also known as land of lamas, is home to many Buddhist monasteries which include both Hinayana and Mahayana sect. These monasteries, also known as Gompas, are the unique feature of this otherwise barren land. Some of them are located at the beautiful hills overlooking this rugged town. One can find lots of traditional Buddhist paintings, arts and artifacts.

Jim Corbett National Park
Started as the first wild life reserve of India this park is spread around 500 km in the foothills of the great Himalaya. One gets the rare opportunities to watch tiger living an absolute wild life. Wildlife safari in Corbett national park is very popular among the visitors.

The temples of Khajuraho are quite different from other religious towns of India. It is not the religious ritual but the bold and erotic sculptures depicted on the walls of various temples that gives it a unique place.

Pushkar Fair
Normally Pushkar town sees a small visitors but each year during full moon in the month of November, this place is flooded with pilgrims from all parts of world. One of the major attraction is Pushkar fair which is organized at the same time. People take dip in the holy lake of Pushkar believing that it will purify their souls.

There are many other mesmerizing travel attractions in India. It would depend entirely on the travelers personal choice to select from all the beautiful destinations. It is difficult choice to make and thats what the beauty of this land.

Clara Rays
Ms. Clara Rays
Flare up your vacation spree with 'bonfire parties' on the snow camps at any of white slopes of Himanchal Pradesh at Dharmshala, Shimla or Kullu.
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