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Golfing in Shimla, India

Attention Golfers!!! The Naldehra golf course is spread over 30 acres. The par 68 course is basically located in a bowl and has nine holes which can be back played to 18.

Golfing In ShimlaGolf gives forth a class vibrations and has been the prior choice of royals. The primogeniture of Golf that British left in its wake is followed till date as no English town was fully done bereft of Golf courses. India announces itself as the second country in the world to play Golf, anteceding UK, the first country. The sport grew under the grassy knolls manicured to look like a coiffure. The white royalty and rings of Cigar add a touch of glamour to the sport played on the carpeted grassy expanse. Sporting your Golfing spirit at Shimla with hordes of nature's treasure and grandeur is just another royal yet innovative fervour of enjoying your vacation. Top knotted with chains of mountains, Shimla's Naldehra Golf links happens to be one of the most élite golf courses in India. Clad in the moaning white snow of the mountains Shimla is home to the beautiful resorts which are bespeckled with umpteen of recreational and cultural attractions, topped by the adventurous activities too. The Shimla beauty coupled with outstanding nature's mantraps, has contributed a lot in making Naldehra an explicit Golf destination. Naldehra is one of them most popular destination for Golfing Vacation in India.

The Naldehra Golf Course is one of the most former Golf links in the country and happens to be the most 'sporting' east of the Suez. Acres of deodar groves dense the course and the behemothic expanse commands a little attention for a breathtaking view of the Shivalik ranges. The course is enshrouded with a springy turf that remains maintained with a little cost. A century old course Naldehra occupies some thirty big acres of space with at an altitude of 6500 feet above the sea level. Golfing here can be enjoyed on nine-hole structure whereas 10th, 12th and 14th holes also have separate greens. Those who are going to have their debut shot amidst the perfect locations should be armed with the real knowledge about it.

Go Golfing- Naldehra Attributes!!!
  • If you are not a perfectionist just keep this in mind the lengthiest hole is the sixth at just 370 yards while the shortest is at 115 yards.
  • The cockled landscape has to beared in mind for a sure shot as the ball gathers the inclination of rolling out-of-the-bound areas.
  • Monitor the green slopes that is known to be deceptive to the golfers.
  • Monitor the green slopes that is known to be deceptive to the golfers.
The Naldehra Golf Course is wielded Himachal Tourism and is much possible to play golf with a nominal fee. . The course is open through the year (except if the fairways are covered with snow); the monsoon months between July and September are particularly good for golfing since the highly watered turf becomes springy and the yardage increases.

Golf and what else ?
ShimlaNaldehra owes much to the word nagdehra that translates as 'King Of Snakes' in English. Tucked away in Naldehra is the 'Mahunag Temple' dedicate to the snake god. It is this from where Naldehra derives its name. Besides the game of Golf that makes a reason for you to be here but there is still much to do at Naldehra like long walk through pine lined roads, excursions to picnic spots or old English style Cottages in the surrounding village. If you are here in June you can enjoy the Sipi Fair, said to be a festival of match making.

Member of Delhi's Tony Golf Club clamber up here in the summers. Lock, stock and golfing clubs. Naldehra is the right place to spend around 3-4 days or make it a base to visit other destinations on and off old Tibet road. Most of it connect to Mashobra, the charming enclave of British Raj mansions. The interiors of Naldehra, with their spruce pines. Plum trees and berries, have escaped the trample of tourists.

Map your way
  • Reach to Naldehra through Jubbarhatti Airport, Shimla connected to Delhi, Dharamsala and Kullu. Head towards Kalka railhead that makes the nearest rail point to Naldehra. And driving down needs NH1...that's it. Spot the nine hole golf course setting from March to June and August to December.
  • Tourist Office: HPTDC Tourist Info Centre, Near Victory Tunnel, Shimla 171003
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