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Almora Vacation, India

"In these hills, nature's hospitality eclipses all men can ever do. The enchanting beauties of the Himalayas, their bracing climate and the soothing green that envelopes you leaves nothing more to be desired. I wonder whether the scenery of these hills and the climate are to be surpassed, if equalled, by any of the beauty spots of the world. After having been nearly three weeks in Almora Hills, I am more than ever amazed why our people need go in Europe in search of health."

AlmoraA pocket-sized town in the east of Uttranchal, Almora has been voted to list among the hot Indian hill stations. The world has been bewitched by its beauty so much so that Franco-Australian-India Bollywood star Almora Davie was named after this hill station (Almora) followed by another popular film star, Uma Thurman, also resided in the same hill station. With snow clad plumed peaks, majestic peaks, variegated flora and fauna, wildlife and lakes as well as nature's benignity at the fullest at every step in Almora, you can romance the powdery snow here on the hills. Cleanse your soul on the enviable peaks of Almora- The hills were gods play and goddesses roost. Welcome to the abode of Divine Kings in Uttranchal.

Almora - A natural enticement
Famous for its rich cultural heritage, handicrafts and eco-tourism. Long back the beautiful town of Almora was a possession under the king of Baicheldeo until he doled out to the Gujarati Brahmin's. Located on the top peak of in a circular shape Almora roots on a 5 kilometer mountain range having in a shape of horse's shoe. Almora is also famous a temple town having an area of 2,085 sq mi. The quaint hill stations brings itself alive. The most noticeable fact of Almora lies in its discovery that unlike many other hill stations in India that owes their discovery to the Britishers, Almora has signs of being in existence since the Vedic ages.

The Temples
Kasar Devi TempleDecked with temples here and here and there the temples at Almora can be conveniently divided by two groups, Shaivite temples include the temples dedicated to female form of Shiva. The former group are those constructed before 1688 like Tripur Sundari, Udyot Chandeshwer and Parbateshwer were erected in after the victory of Udyot Chand. Also, the second group constructed during the second half of 1688 like temple of Parbateshwara was again endowed by the then rulers of Almora, Dip Chand in 1760 and was renamed Dipchandeshwar. This present temple began to be called the Nanda Devi temple when the image of Nanda was removed from the fort by Mr. Trail, a famous British, the then divisional commissioner of Kumaun. Again eight temples of Bhirava, a form of Siva, were erected during the reign of Gyan Chand to allay the wrath of Bhola Nath and these temples were called .Kal Bhairava, Batuk Bhairav, Shah Bhairav, Garhi Bhairava, Anand Bhairava,.Gaur Bhairava, .Bal Bhairava and Khutkuniya Bhairava.

Almora has the most important prehistorical sites in the form of rock paintings, Lakhuudiyar being the most important of all. It shelters paintings of human beings, animals, group of dancers, lizards, etc. in the rock and said to exist since the age of Bronze. Close to Lakhuudiyar is situated Pharkanauli and Phulseema (4 km) the rock belonging to the Bronze of Age. A peculiar thing about these paintings are the red lines all over the rocks that somehow forms the dancing figures.

Almora Fort
Almora BeautyOne of the most prized possessions of Almora, the Almora Fort gives birds-eye view of the town and its environs. The Almora Fort was converted into a Collectorate and offers a 360o cycloramic vista of Almora and the surrounding countryside after independence.

Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum
Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum near Almora bus stand is one museums that deserves a great visit. It has a rich collection of items of history, archeology and cultural significance. Spend some time at the museum and you will come cross various new displayed items of the past. 'Apen' is one such item folk style of painting found in this region and can be seen here in this museum in its various aspects.

Bright & Corner
Bright and Corner is a place famous for sunrise and sunset points. It is one soul where you can listen to your soul and treat yourself in the silent environ of the valley. Very near to the place is circuit house and Vivekananda library where you can visit for some change and flipping the pages o f the past.

Almora- Festive Zingo
There is no month without festivals in Almora and, moreover, these festivals rule the hearts of people residing on these hills. Nanda Devi Festivals, Uttraini festival and Jageshwar monsoon festival are among the most popular festivals in Almora. The festival time draws tourists in hordes with a month long fair on the icy peaks. The festival of Dusshera is celebrated in a unique manner with great toppings of pomp and show, at Almora.

Essential Facts
  • On air routes Almora is accessible through Pantnagar Airport and the nearest railway station is Kathgodam. Buses ply from Almora to the major cities in India.
  • April to June and September to November are the best time to visit Almora.
  • Regional Tourist Office, Uttranchal Tourism, 103, 1st Floor, Indra Prakash Building
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The Butterfly Museum and Orchidarium at Shillong peaks, Nilakurinji at Kodaikanal and Archies Strawberry Farm at Mahabaleshwar and Fossil Park at Tabo are nuff reasons to have a vacation with a difference.
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