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Monasteries In India

Mahabodhi Temple - BiharIndia, a delectable country for those interested in culture and history of the country, happens to be a domicile nation of Buddhism. It all began with Prince Siddhartha's journey for the search of ultimate truth of life. Siddharth Gautama, the prince who renounced his luxurious life in order to elevate his soul to enlightenment came to be known as 'Gautam Buddha' after he attained salvation under the Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya, Bihar. The dwelling house of Buddhism, the religion spread in India 2000 years ago and is home 5 million Buddhist and numerous Buddhism relics in the form of Stupas and monasteries. Many religion followers and tourists across the world visit India in order to catch a glimpse of Buddhist monasteries in India. Follow Buddha's trail and step in the shoe of young Lamas to go through a religion called ' Buddhism'.

Indian Buddha
There are four important places connected with the Buddha's life- Lumbini in Nepal, where he was born Bodh Gaya in Bihar, where he received enlightenment; Sarnath near Varanasi where he preached his first major sermon; and Kushinagar in U.P where Buddha left his body and united with the one Lord. Besides these four places of prominence in Buddhism, Buddha also consecrated his life for almighty at places like Rajgir, where he converted King Bimbisara to Buddhism and the first Buddhist Council was held there. At Vaishali Buddha preached his last sermon and announced his approaching Nirvana and at Nalanda there are remains of Buddhist University. There are many more places in India that houses Buddhist places because of monuments, temples and cave temples built here. The finest of these are at Ajanta and Ellora in Maharashtra, Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh and Amravati in Andhra Pradesh. Tick on some of the most popular monasteries of India.

The evergreen aureole of the Bodhi tree welcomes you in its enlightening sphere where specters of Buddha's salvation pronounces a sublime effect on visitors. Under the 80 feet high and 115 years old Masha Bodhi tree rests a red sandstone slab called as Vajrasana on which the Buddha sat and meditated. At Bodhgaya the Tibetan Mahayana monastery stands across the road from the Maha-Bodhi temple complex with a colossal 10 mts. wheel of Dharma. Spin the wheel three times and get rid of all your sins. There are various other monasteries like Thai, Japanese, Chinese Temple and Monastery in Bihar that has compendium of Buddhist scriptures, Thagkas and are built in beautiful designs.

Jammu and Kashmir
Buddhism In LadakhLadakh is predominantly a Buddhist state that has gained and has preserved a beautiful religion in its enclosure of high peaks, passes amidst a toilsome trek. Ladakh that is also called little Tibet is an abode of several Monasteries of prominent Buddhist groups such as Hemis, Alchi, Thiksey, Stakna, Spituk, Shey and Stongdey monasteries. Alchi is one of the most ancient Monastery of Ladakh while Thiksey is beautifully constructed Monastery. Stakna, Shay and Spituk are jewel monasteries of Ladakh which display huge collection of masks, antique arms and Buddhist scriptures. Also on entering these monasteries grand image of Buddha welcomes you in each of these monasteries. Thiksey Monastery, Cave Monastery, Stakna Monastery, Takthok Monastery, Matho Monastery, Phyang monastery, Likir Monastery, Rizong Monastery, amayuru monastery, Bardan Monastery, Karsha Monastery, Phuktal Monastery, Rangdum Monastery, Sani Monastery, Tonde Monastery, Zangla Monastery and Chemrey Gompa, Diskit & Hundur Monastery are some of the other acclaimed monasteries of Jammu and Kashmir.

Sikkim Monastery
Sikkim claims to house 200 monasteries or Gompas that belong to the Nyingma and Kagyu order. The sight of Sikkim Gompas are warming where you will spot hundreds of Lamas attired in red chanting the name of great Guru Padmasambhava.The Gompas are adorned with life-like frescoes of hoary Buddhist legends, rare silk and brocade Thangkas. Also preserved here, are ancient Tibetan manuscripts, exquisitely carved wood work and icons of silver and gold. Rumtek Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery, Phensang Monastery, Phodang Monastery, Ralang Monastery, Enchey Monastery, Tashiding Monastery and Yoksum Monastery are some of the famous monasteries of Sikkim. Rumtek monastery, a must for every visitor, where one can find some of the worlds most unique art objects , this place is the seat of the Kagyu order -- a close replica of the original Kagyu in Tibet. Built in 1960s, the Rumtek Dharma Chakra houses some of the ancient scriptures of the Buddhism.

Himachal Pradesh
Himanchal Pradesh preserves some of the most enchanting monasteries of India. The valleys of Lahaul and Spiri, Dharamshala, Mcleodganj canonizes. Splendid Gompas, Buddhist monasteries, built along bare mountain-sides seem to be a part of the Himalayan terrain. These monasteries in several parts s of Himachal Pradesh marks the Buddhist influences on the state . Some of the famous monasteries of Himachal Pradesh are Tabo, Kye and Dhankar and Namgyal Monastery.

Arunachal Pradesh
Buddhism In Arunachal PradeshSituated in the eastern-most corner of India, Arunachal Pradesh is a land of dawn-lit mountains with splendid mountains, glaciers, alpine meadows, sub-tropical rains forests and some of the beautiful monasteries like Bomdila, Tawang and Urgelling. Tawang Monastery is largest monastery of India and second largest of South Asia. Also known as the 'Galden Namgyal Lhatse', the Tawang monastery was established by Merak Lama Lodre Gyamtso in the year 1860-61. Bomdila Monastery is most important centre of Golden Namgyal Lhaste sects that includes a large prayer hall. Urgelling monastery is the birth place of His Holiness, the 6th Dalai Lama and the most beautiful monastery of Himanchal Pradesh.

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