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Shikara in Kashmir, India

Kashmir ShikaraA nature's verse with shrouded beauty as pure as white, hushes a breeze loaded with inebriated effect on man's fancy. Some called it paradise and some nature's grace, for very less knew that it's god poesy floating on earth with snowflakes and hazy breath of the valley. O'er that a cruise on Shikaras of Kashmir gives you jaunty gossamer characterized gradually. Just one ride on Shikara of Kashmir will take you give you a feel of heaven in your hand.

Shikara in Kashmir: Home on waters
Shikara in Kashmir are the best medium of transport in Kashmir. Almost every body loves living on the boat. The beautiful Shikara of Kashmir are one of the most utilized abode of tourists. The Shikara of Kashmir is furnished with chairs, tables, radio's and proper bed's along with proper toilet facilities. The Shikaras are fitted with luxury items emaculating the English styled boats. You can enjoy beautiful rides on Shikaras; visiting Nehru park, Kabutur Khana, Charchinari, Floating Islands and typical vegetable farmer villages on the Dal lake. The canals are spectacular.

Dal Lake Shikaras
Dal Lake is famed world wide for its picturesque beauty and Shikaras. Operated by Houseboat communities, the Dal Lake houseboats hosts stunning houseboats made up of woods and furnished with excellent luxuries. Putting up on the floating houseboats on Dal lake provides with an excellent experience of living on water in a panorama beyond description. The experience of a holiday in Kashmir can be made memorable with the stay on a houseboat, that are surrounded by great Mountain View.

Riding Desires on Shikara of Kashmir
The coupling of Kashmir and its Shikara can be best termed muse for it's just sourced some fantabulous lines of great poets. Holidaying in Kashmir without a ride on Shikara is incomplete. Beautiful Lakes and water bodies nestled in the lap of mountains in Kashmir are worth taking a jaunt to let our hearts render the best preserved lines. The two-hour boat ride takes tourists on a relaxing sightseeing tour of interior parts of the calm and composed waters of Dal Lake, and be part of shopping- by-Shikara pleasure trips. During few hours of Dal Lake cruise you come to explore many tourists places located in its vicinity. Nishat and Shalimar gardens as well as Hazratbal mosque are directly accessible by Shikara.

Feathery Glide
Your Shikara in Kashmir trip will be accompanied by migratory avians with robust bills perched on the branches of willow trees. A swarm of birds, hunting on the floating gardens, will decorate your trip with their unmatched flights in the immediate vicinity. The hunting birds that make their way on islands created by man for vegetations. This is extremely fertile and provide rich source of food in the form of frogs, lizards, mice, grasshoppers and other insects to the Kingfisher.

Another Journey: Nagin Lake
Shikara On Nagin Lake Taking a Shikara ride on Nagin Lake is an out-of-box experience. Lined by willow trees water of Nagin Lake mirrors the ice clad conical tree leaves of lake. To its south is the Shankaracharya hill (or Takht-i-Sulaiman) and to the west, is Hari Parbat. A floating shopping joint, Nagin Lake is thronged by salesman who sell out everything from fruit, nuts, fresh flowers, film, baked goods, pappier-match boxes, woolen shawls, silk carpets, leather goods, money-changing services and on and on.

Pleasant Lake: Mansar Lake
Mansar Lake is a beautiful lake, wrapped by trees on all side and dotted by mountains here there. The food and crafts festivals by J&K Tourism is a grand festival organized on bank of Mansar Lake.

Essential Facts
  • Srinagar is connected through regular flights to Delhi, Jammu and Leh. Jammu is the nearest railhead if one wants to reach Kashmir through railways.
  • The best time to reach Kashmir is from March and September
  • Tourist Reception Centre, J&K Department of Tourism, Vir Marg,

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