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Goa Cruises, India

Goa CruiseThe samba, mamba and cashew nut feni are all métiers of Goa Vacations, known to boost the state tourism here after. No one could go amiss its sandy turf imbibed with potential of culling romance out of any sleepy soul even. But as the Goan high has never failed any adventure seeker in finding some thing new every time one visits the place, in the latest trend it offers its tourists a new kind of rave in the form of Goa Cruises. This new wave is sweeping across Goa's rush seeker and its thrills are by no means forbidden. Head straight away for houseboat cruising on the most picturesque river estuaries of Goa.

A dream cruise
It would be nice to get up in a microlite and look down upon what must surely be the best view of Goa. From up there, the curves of the ghats, the rich green palm- fringed paddy flats and that famous golden coast would be in panoramic view. Each enticing layer filled with a promise of different experiences. Our houseboats are best means to check out rich paddy fields and remote hinterlands. Sail and surf in the waters of these rivers and go on befriending the wilds and feathery creatures.

Goa River Cruises
The best place to enjoy a river cruise is at Mandovi River that is home to many thrilling adventure. River Cruises on the Mandovi river is tremendously enjoyable experience which you should not miss out during your trip to Goa. You have plethora of cruise services to enjoy the beauty of river. The most reliable is GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation). Day cruises itself can be categorized into two types - the first one is down the Mandovi river into the Zuari bay while the second one is up the Mandovi to Aldona and a mineral water spring.

A cruise wish list
Sunset Cruise
See the orange ball of sun setting down in the sea from your cruise, let the air intoxicate you on the sunset cruise. Stand with your arms wide open to embrace a scene that is not seen by every one.

Full Moon Cruise
Moon around in a full moon night with a glass of drink on your cruise and let your soul heart-to-heart full fill your dreams.

Dolphin Fantasy Cruise
Here is a chance to chip in your friendly gestures to marine players. Take your trip to catch those dark hued graceful water beauties in playful mood. For a closer view the headlands crested with Raj Bhavan, Aguada Fort and Reis Magos can be checked out.

Backwater Thrills
Backwater The cruise is called as Savoi Verem, which carries you to Dr. Salim Ali's Bird Sanctuary, Divar island covering the entire river coastline along Pilgao, Khandola, Amona, Betki and dock at Savoi-Verem village to whiff the spicy fragrance, juicy fruits, exotic trees and medicinal herbs at Savoi Verem plantation and enjoy a typical Hindu Goan lunch.

Goa Star Cruises
If by any means you happen to be on lookout for royal vacation on a cruise. Goa offers you a million dollar opportunity to sail in a luxury resort, complete with restaurant & bars as well as sports and fitness centre. Here you have a perfect option to enjoy the luxury cruises like Executive Suites, Junior Suites and Ocean view States room Suite. Just pick up one of any options for cruising in Goa out of many here.

  • Kadmat Island - Goa Cruise - The cruise starts from Mumbai and ends at Kadmat Islands at Goa. Begin your trip in the evening and spends two full nights and a day before it reaches Kadmat island. After spending one full day at the Kadmat island, the cruise proceeds towards Goa. The next day is reserved for touring Goa and its wonderful islands.
  • Kochi Goa Special Cruise - It has the same itinerary as prior one with just a difference that it begins at Kochi.
On the way to sea....
You can spot many new destinations that you never ever came across on the way to rivers and seas in Goa. This holds true magic of Goa houseboat rides which are washed with thrill and a jaunt to innovative excursions on boat and otherwise inaccessible Goa that it offers.

Essential Facts
  • One fact about Goa is that it is never out of season. So barge into Goa any time of the year.
  • A flight to Goa would drop leave you at Dabolim Airport and Goa has become all the more accessible after Konkan Railway Station has come to shape. If you are set to travel to Goa by road then just make a note of Kadamba Bus Stand, from Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka state bus transport operates.

¤ Houseboat Tour (20 days)
¤ Exotic South India Beach (17 days)
Kim Grindley
Book your space on water to celebrate your vacation on cruise. Make a move to Goa, Mumbai, Lakshadweep where ever you wish. You can celebrate your wedding anniversaries or birthdays even.
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