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Pushkar Fair, India

Do You Know ?
  • The Pushkar Lake has magical water blessed with curative grace that can free you from many diseases and one holy dip destines you to the heaven.
  • So enamored was the Mughal Emperor by the Pushkar Fair that he visited the fair 15 times.
The Pushkar Backdrop!
Red, green, yellow are for turbans; sand for camels and horses; temples for hermits and lakes for the lamps, easily most identifiable of Rajasthan's many fairs, Pushkar has come to symbolize the febrile heartbeat of people of the state. A kaleidoscope of images await a visitor to the Pushkar Mela. The entire ground reverberates with tinkling of bells and hundreds of oil lamps light the banks of the lake. Subtle codes of jewelery, dress and and demeanor, bangles, tattoos, the angle of the veil, the face of a turbans, icon, etc. are all pointers to the region from where the pilgrims and tribes come. There are other scenes to capture like women carrying terracotta pots on their heads and ghoulishly ash-smeared sadhus taking a holy dip and lusty young men twirling with their moustaches, galloping their horses through camp-sites on dunes or man in a corner smoking pot; married women wearing a tikada ornament on their hairs. A rustic pitchfork made of wood on sale for the farmers who visit the mela. An exhibition of colours, culture, cattle and frolic Pushkar is potpourri of Rajasthan's past.

Pushkar- A Tourist's Hotbed
Many traveller who visit the place fall so deeply in love with it that they much longer than anticipated. Despite having a distinctly tourist and commercial ambience these days, Pushkar still has certain appeal-although many tourist who find it too much of scene have skipped it in favour of more mellow distinctions. Pushkar is world famous for its spectacular Camel Fair which takes place here in the Hindu Lunar month of Kartika. If you're anywhere within striking distance time, it's and event not to be missed. During this period, the town is jam packed with tribal people from all over Rajasthan, pilgrims from all over India, pilgrims from all over India, film makers and tourists from all over world. And of course there are plenty of camels and other livestock.

Pushkar- The Sanctum Of Holies
One of the holiest place in Rajasthan, the city is flanked by hills on its side with sight of sand dunes giving a look of miniatures pieces on a vast desert land. Bedecked with staggering number of 400 temples, Pushkar boasts of being the most significant pilgrimage center of Hindus. A must visit for all Hindus,once in a lifetime, Pushkar attracts a large number of sadhus who mainly congregate around the lake and temples. The biggest temple is that dedicated to Lord Brahma. The lakeside unsounded charm of Pushkar is voiced to the world with a pious connotations during the fair which is also visited by indiscernible guests like gods who bless the devouts and all devotees. A holy dip in the lake would wash away all your sins at Pushkar. According to the legend, the sacred lake of Pushkar sprang up at the spot, where Brahma dropped a lotus flower from the sky. Brahma, the lord of creation wanted to perform a 'yagna' at the lake on a full moon night. Since his wife Savitri did not attend, he impetuously married another women Gayatri. Savitri felt betrayed to the core and avowed that Brahma should not be worshipped anywhere except Pushkar. Since then, the Brahma Temple at Pushkar has remained one of the only ones dedicated to Brahma and that allegedly in the whole of India. It is just located just at 11kms of North-West of Ajmer with a separating walls of Nag Pahar. Numerous ghats run down to the lake and the pilgrims are constantly bathing in the lake's holy waters.

Pushkar- The Mela Ground
Pushkar is actually two great mela piggy- backed one to another. One is the highest exaltation of Lord's creation and another is largest camel fair in the world. Both melas have come down to us from the time of immemorial and one cannot be absolutely sure of their roots. In the days of yore, the cattle buyers and breeders, were probably the main pilgrim to the state.

Pushkar's most surfeited part are the cattle's and their breeders who set out for the mela when the new Kartik moon is spotted, with many looking forward to the trip through well over hundred kilometers of arid desert scape. Meanwhile another professionals who have just begun to prepare for mela are the fair professionals. The large tents have, little shops and buntings begin to go up. Wheels, merry go rounds, ferris wheels and wildest new rides are bolted together into grotesque clattering behemoths. There are number of camps set up by the tourism professionals who set up their tents for cutlery, crockery and sinks, plumbings and toilet bowls in a gargantuan heaps and piles. The little big shop of circus is created near the with a vying chaos of the vendors to set up their stall at the gate.

The airs of the fair gradually begin to permeate the atmosphere for mile and a smattering of well healed tourist begin to show up alongside. A new comer, who are many, may find the interface between the buyers and sellers quite subtle, where the buyers are evident and the seller could be anyone. Tourist are present everywhere at everyone becomes indulgently at ease with them and so as wander with camera around their necks. Pushkar has wild and exuberant folk dances in the select settings, like never before, while minstrels work streets and dunes like they always have and as the camel fair dissipates, the incredible celebrations will continue into Brahmas Period.

Pushkar Specialties
Saffron And Exotic Elixir
Sittings in the tents are the vaidyas at Pushkar who give you promise to cure you of all kinds of illness. The practitioners of medical vedas. Most of them belong to the gypsy community and has mastered the art of gathering rare herds and dispensing strange concoctions for ages. Stranger than that is that their mysterious dried herb, roots and bottle do attract a large crowd and some who have already tried their hands at. Beside them there are saffron clad hermits who have their heads smeared with sandal powders and have their eyes on the horizon.

Camel Caravan
No doubts, the desert camels and their designer outfits are in vogue during the fair. A saddle to fit the hump has intricate designs of beach, beads that peps up a camel look. Got ready to be sold to the highest bidder the camels are groomed out in tinsels and tassels. Although, less in number, there are camel safaris here

Sing merry and dance wild
It is one of those rare Indian states that is seeped into dance and folk music traditions. Catch out few, love stories are told in ballads, of brave men and lovely women. Credit goes to the state tourism who bring wide cross section of Rajasthani folk music and dance to Pushkar. You are bound to find many who perform at Pushkar. You can also hire a Kalbelia to perform a wild dance around your tent at night.

Shop till you get
Pushkar periodical local bazaar where you can lay your hands at the local miniatures for your drawing rooms. There will be shops that will just be fun to rummage through, with stacks of steel trunks, and selections of improbable brass ware.

Accommodate Yourself .......
The bulk of Pushkar's budget hotels are nothing fancy but always clean. Although the town is dominated by the budget hotels, there are several upmarket accommodations. Which ever hotel you opt for, just keep in mind those words that are carved at the very entrance of the hotels, "Holding hands, kissing and drug is strictly prohibited", westerners should take care of it.

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