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Ladakh Festival, India

Ladakh FestivalFrom 1st to 15th September every year the J&k Tourism Department organizes grand event of Ladakh Festival in association with local communities and other district administrations of Leh. The main aim behind celebrating Ladakh Festival is to promote the tourism and keep the one time culture and traditions of Ladakh alive with the same vigour while give its folk inheritance a world-wide recognition. One of the 'not-to-miss' festival in the arid desert of Ladakh, the festival presents Ladakh and its culture in a platter to view. Plan your vacation or group to Ladakh if during September to know the state better.

Festival Activities
A heartwarming cultural procession emblazon the inaugural function at Leh that sees participation from villagers and local residents of Ladakh. The square one of 15 day long festival is marked by the traditional dances, orchestra and dramas. The procession is brought to an end at Ladakh 's Polo ground where dancers' troupe segregate performing the best of region's art in a chimerical fashion.

Bow n Arrow
One of the most interesting festival held during Ladakh Festival is Archery Festival that draws many tourists to these local villages of Leh. This is also one of the regular programmes of the locals held in boondocks of Ladakh. The archery festival is a test of archery skills where all males of are expected to participate enthusiastically in trying out his skills of perfect targeting in flip-flop rounds while its requisite for females to participate in dance rounds. Other programmes of the festival include a series of evening musical concerts, mask dances by lamas of selected monasteries and mock marriage ceremonies complete with all the associated traditions.

Ladakh Festival Cup
The Ladakh Festival Cup is a major Polo Tournament held during the Ladakh Festival and is organized by Dards of Dras region. The Polo teams of different region and territories are called to participate in the tournament. The game of Polo played during the tournament revives the memory of its authentic ground that saw the emergence of Polo. Polo is a craze for crowds at Ladakh being played with its old charm and just handful of rules. Every one holds their breath while the ball is tossed up to meet the unerring aim of the club that sends it flying. Polo, if you please, they keep it going all out for twenty five minutes halves without needing any breaks.

Other Attractions
Ladakh Festival Ladakh Festival is organized and enjoyed in many parts of Kargil, each with different sets of games, dances and traditionality. Of the major interests and peculiarity are the Brok Pas cultural programmes which has a social and cultural base. Similar programmes are also held in Zanskar Valley, where the high point is the traditional sport called "Saka", in which a number of colorfully attired horses are used in a quaint racing competition. Besides these another interesting programme is a trade programme leveled by the Leh Bazaar. One can find there caravan laden with traders and their goods and skilled artists are employed their as merchants engaged in trading, bartering and associated activities.

For the visitors Ladakh Festival is a vitrine that displays some rare insight of Ladakh's cultural and historical bygone. It talks of people who practice Buddhism, play polo and demonstrate many socio-cultural and religious influences from their neighbouring societies.

Reaching Ladakh
By Air : Leh is connected by regular flights to and from Delhi (daily), Chandigarh, Jammu (twice a week) and Srinagar (once a week).

By Road : The Srinagar-Leh road with a stretch of 434 km is the most popular land route to Ladakh and remains open only from early June to November. The second most land route to Ladakh is the Manali-Leh road stretching across 473 km.

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