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Goa Carnival, India

Goa CarnivalThe Carnival or 'Carmen levare' literally means putting away flesh. Annually four day celebration, sweeping Goa off its feet. Pulsating rhythms of Guitar and folk songs capture the streets of Goa with King Momo leading the way. Youngsters disguised in colourful costumes parade in troupes and line the alleys with soaring energies. Youth beats, fun and frolic, time for unlimited merrymaking.

The Carnival a three day festival celebrated by Christians, Hindus and many other Goans make it a sorted celebration for all. The February temptation of Goa pulls a crowd of thousand people to participate in the Carnival introduced by the portuguese rulers. Visit Goa during the month of festival and you will spot many hippies glee fully waiting for this gigantic celebration.

Goa Gung Ho!!!
The beaches are seen dancing and moon strumming rays of its light on Goa during three days of unremitting Carnival that floods the state with music, dances, shows and events. The Carnival is inaugurated every year by King Momo who takes over the state marking the square one of week unbridled festivity and euphoria. Having a rich primogeniture of centuries Goa's relives its Sussegad soul during the Carnival. Goa Carnival is one festival that is meant for feasting-drinking-merrymaking binge prior to the 40 days of austere Lent. Huge parades, street plays, and ad-lib farces are played in front of high-adrenaline level audiences. There are many more activities for children like popular lullabies and nursery rhymes and mask dances. Towards the end of Carnival and on the final day of festival King Momo distributes prizes to the best entertainer and performer. The carnival concludes with the famous red-and-black dance held by the Club National in Panajim on the final day.

Commemorating Portuguese
A funfair that was once acclaimed for its hedonistic feasts in ancient Rome and Greece. The Carvinal that grew to engulf everyone in its festivity commenced in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies, and gradually became known for their singing, dancing and drinking. If you visit Goa for sole purpose of participation in the Carnival book your hotels in advance. The quondam rulers of the state brought out the Carnival to be a rowdy celebrations where oranges, lemons, mud, flour, eggs, sand-filled gloves with water and various liquids and glue were aimed at passersby. The percept involving Goa Carnival was discarding the waste before the 40 days of Lent. The people involved into unchecked eating of all kinds of foods like eggs, cakes and pastries for all the three festival days. The Goa Carnival remains original till date with same frenetic pitch on the final day of the festival.

All are invited
Goa Carnival The soul of the festival are people from all caste, creed and walks of life are welcomed to enjoy Goa Carnival.

Reaching Goa
Air : Dabolim Airport is the major entry point for Goa situated at a distance of around 29 km from Panaji on the coast near Vasco da Gama.

Rail : Reaching Goa by train is easy from Mumbai (490 km), Bangalore (430 km), and Delhi (1874 km). Goa's two major rail centers Margao and Vasco da Gama.

Road : Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka state transport corporations operate from Panaji's Kadamba bus stand.

Sea : Reaching Goa are through water way is another major transport medium. Several ferry services are also available. A few shipping companies operates boat service between Mumbai and Panaji.

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