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Varkala Beach, Kerala

Beach Bytes
Varkala Beach, Kerala, India Location - Atop a 2-km long laterite cliff that looks down upon some of Kerala's most quiet and picturesque beaches, on the Lakshadweep sea in North Trivandrum District.

How to Reach - The nearest air station for flights to Varkala is at Trivandrum International Airport, while Varkala Station will get you right at the beach. If driving just keep looking for NH 47 that runs from Salem to Kanyakumari.

Best Time to Visit - The ideal time to visit the mesmerizing beach of Varkala is during the month of October.

About Varkala Beach
Imagine for a moment that you are a ancient mariner sailing towards the coast of Southern Kerala. Varkala would have been your one stop destination. Kerala have some of the most fabulous beaches of world specifically Varkala Beach. Varkala Beach is an outstanding vacation spot with beach walk and village-- offers an endless stretch of beach and great activities, an excellent promotions for families. Lovely bay, cute cottages, miles of photogenic sea shore, Varkala beach could be your place to watch the sunset along with your family memebers. So, be ready and get outside with your family!

Varkala is an important Hindu center of pilgrimage, but its natural beauty includes high cliffs with rich mineral springs rising impressively from the coastline. This beautiful beach also has a more than 2000 years old shrine of Lord Vishnu and its mineral water springs are rich in their medicinal value.

If you're looking for beaches which can provide you the required solitude, then its well worth visiting Varkala. The best times to go is when the beach extends out all around the cliff face for 500 meters. The beaches around this area are excellent and if you're looking for a low-priced holiday, Varkala is a must see. You can relax, swim, sleep and just chill out with your near ones.

Adventure Activities at Varkala
Parasailing : It holds a special lure for the foreign tourist. The conditions of this beach very well caters the need for the beginner. Endanger loving tourist can experience this exciting sport of parasailing where a 300 feet long rope is attached to the para sail harness at one end and to the speed boat at the other.

Scuba diving : The options are varied as one can never get tired of scuba diving on this beach. Explore the underwater life as you can view the attractive coral heads, lobsters, bright colored, fish, shells and sometimes even an old wreckage. You could also try your hand at deep-sea fishing.

Water Sports, Varkala Beach, India Water Sports :Experience the fascinating and spellbinding water sports on this beach, as the scope this sport is extremely good due to the the vast natural water world. Thousands of sports lovers are attracted to this territory to taste the thrills and adventure of superb water sports such as water-scooters and high-speed boats.

Beaches and pilgrimages
Janardana Swami Temple
The temple is believed to be two millenia old and dates back to 12th century. The shrine is accessed from the temple junction or from the beach via the western entrance. A perennial stream called as Padmateertham feeds the temple tank , which is to be seen across the road. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Vishnu. The dregs of the holy water is the mendicants drank became Papanashini and thus the beach took its name, Papanasham Hindu Pilgrimage.

Thiruvambady Beach
The north cliff of this beach is called as Thiruvambady or Black Sand Beach- a short stretch for those seeking silence and serenity by the sea.

Sivagiri Mutt
Sivagiri is 200 acres of sanctified land. This is the final resting place of Sree Narayan Guru, the most eminent and spiritual reformer of Kerala.
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Vaishnavite Shrine
Papnasham Beach
District Ayurvedic Hospital
Sree Narayan Guru Mausoleum
Ms. Lucy
Catch up with the pulsating out-of-the-earth experience of Scuba Diving and Snorkeling,on the beach this summer. Binge onto the red-hued, fiery curries and prawn Balchao, a perfect Goan taste for your buds.
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