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Goa Vacation, India

Speaking like a Goan, "Goa in all two districts, eleven talukas, 131 km of coastline, biggest designer dance floor in India and first lighthouse in Asia".Baga Beach, Goa, India

Seasonal Goa
  • Summer brings an array of sweet mangoes and first the distillation of cashew nuts
  • As the rains abate , Lord Ganesha is carried to the sea in an annual farewell which heralds the onset of Goa's big season.
  • Temples light up spectacularly for Navratri, even as churches and homes are white-washed anew. Goa puts on his make up and its suitor descend in thousand in November.
  • February brings in the Goa Carnival with a spate of tourists lingering on for more
About Goa
Goa is incredible. Goa is unlike any other state in the country or the world for that matter. Whether it was Portugese who came to settle down 500 years ago, seeking spices and found it hard to leave. Or the Flower Children who came in 60s and settled here. For modern day tourists it's respite from drudgery. Goa has something unique to offer its tourists. No where else you will find Shiva sporting a beard , informs the temple priest. That Goa is one place where everyone lets their hair down, including the gods. Goa is perfect for you to meander along the beaches with your beloved and kids, enjoying the midnight sight, dancing to the beat of a strumming guitar. There is much to see and do - lots of adventure sports and water sports - para sailing, wind surfing and water skiing, or simply sit on the white sands and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Goa is simply the extra bit of fun.

Beaches of Goa
Beaches constitute a small fraction of the region they definitely rate very high on the popularity chart. Washed by the tides twice a day, refashioned by the monsoons yearly, the beaches always have something new to offer. Gentle aquatic hues, mingling with sun kissed beaches.........endless pleasures! If variety is what you are looking for then each of these beaches have an individuality of their own. Host to many sylphlike beaches beaches like Anjuna, Calangute, Arambol, Palolem, Vagator, Colva and Betul are most confident water jabbers of Goa .

Historical Monuments of Goa
Anjuna Beach, GoaThe checkered past of Goa speaks volumes about those invaded the city and planted their indelible off-springs in the form of forts on the soil here. Filch into the historical pages of Goa to collar the bygone plunderers in their reminiscent like Fort Cabo da Rama on the southern coast of Goa, Fort Chapora, Fort Aguada , St Augustus Monastery and 17th century Fort Terekhol. These Forts changed hands many a times, surrendering and subjugating to their new masters. Besides the plunderers tale Goa has also sunk its teeth deep into religiosity, the century old churches and architecture tell you a whole tale of it. The churches of Old Goa exhibit Baroque and Manuline architectural designs. Almost all the architectural works of Goa have borrowed some semblance of the Portuguese, Indian and Mughal styles. Remains of Portuguese architecture can be seen in Vasco Da Gama named after the legendary Portuguese explorer and Goa's former Viceroy, Dom Vasco da Gama.

"Goa is place where you surrender yourself to excess. Sink your teeth into scrumptious churisso-pao; splurge onto the latest in couture; slip into the tranquil pools that rejuvenate; soak in the spray of the rushing seas or simply, sip the nightlife. Goa is the buffet for the senses. Heap the plate"

Samba n Mamba n Goa- Festivals in Goa
People of Goa follow the religion of being Goan first and rest is just followed. It's no wonder that all festivals are celebrated there after. The motto of a Goan living is inscribed to depth of their life and it is "live life to the fullest". Visiting Goa during these festivals lever your banging spirit and the zest for life. The Goa Carnival that means 'putting away flesh' is a four day celebration, sweeping Goa off its feet with King Momo leading the way. The Carnival is accompanied by unlimited merrymaking, youths, beats and fun and frolic. Another day when the glee resounds on its highest volume is during the Shigmo. God's answer for 'holi', the festival celebrates bounty of harvest brimming the barn. Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and Dussehra equal the celebrations of other festivals.

Vim and Vigour - Goa Nightlife
Goa serves up endless array in the night. This array of choices draw people from fleeing stiffling cities and towns years after years. The ritzy life in the darkness is Goa's USP. The best discotheques, bars and pubs along with the shacks are open throughout the night with foot tapping numbers for visitors and families living at Goa. Well stocked bar and exquisite seafood right on the beach and a panorama lifted from the land of sand is what you get in Goa during night. The best nightlife joints can be seen at Lidos and Titos on the beaches.

Church, Goa, IndiaWildlife Sanctuaries in Goa
Goa's rich coast and variety of entertainment mean that you need never leave the beach, But if you can drag yourself away from the sea and sand, many happy hours can be spent discovering Goa's other riches. Between the coasts and the ghats awaits a perfect silvery canal fringed by coconut palms, a bank of red rich red Konkan earth awaits you. At this sight find yourself falling in love with yet another aspect of this beautiful state. Goa, that is known for its sand and surfings abilities and is covered by wildlife on its twenty percent. And tracing Goa's wildlife, Sanguem is home to Goa's most visited place wildlife places Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. Also popular and closest to the beaten tourist path is the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary at the junction Ponda. For a real experience. Get a boatmen to row you through the mangroves of Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on the island of Chorao.

Essential Facts
  • One fact about Goa is that it is never out of season. So barge into Goa any time of the year.
  • A flight to Goa would drop leave you at Dabolim Airport and Goa has become all the more accessible after Konkan Railway Station has come to shape. If you are set to travel to Goa by road then just make a note of Kadamba Bus Stand, from Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka state bus transport operates.
¤ Goa Beach Tour (05 days)
¤ Exotic Beaches (11 days)
Ms. Lucy
Catch up with the pulsating out-of-the-earth experience of Scuba Diving and Snorkeling,on the beach this summer. Binge onto the red-hued, fiery curries and prawn Balchao, a perfect Goan taste for your buds.
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