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Skiing in India

SkiingSlide down your way on the snowy path like a serpentine plundering the icy layers on the steady mountains on your skiing expedition. Skiing as an adventurous sport has become immensely popular in the last decade, especially in the Himalayan regions of India. A vast region of cemented ice and plethora of ski regions Jammu and Kashmir, the hills of Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh and the North eastern states of India have fast creeped up to the itinerary of the adventure freaks and snow lovers. The killer altitudes lavished with a powdery snow are reasons enough to tempt the sleeping gut to plunder the mountains tracks of the snowy carpets. The frisson and spine-tingling sport of Skiing are known to leave an itch to the thrill-seeking-spirits to maraude the sleeping charm of Himalayas. Sallying into the rich reserves for snow tourism and adventure in the Himalayan regions, Indian government has developed some of the most recent techniques and ski resorts to promote the sports worldwide.

Ski Vantage
  • Availability of fresh powder snow
  • Distance Skiing facility and perfect slopes
  • Economical Ski course
  • Professional Ski training and resort facility
  • Perfect ski- equipments; latest addition
Skiing Classification
Skiing on the mountains are segregated into various classifications like "easy, moderate, hard, extreme" skiing zones. The classification is not applicable to all skiing zones in India as rating marking the foot hills are not that easy. The best for the beginner is Auli than Narkanda and Gulmarg as it has lot of easy slopes.

Skiing Zones in India
Zone 1:Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir
Gulmarg is India's prime skiing resort which has perfect classification of slopes. Skiing at Gulmarg is like any other sports for which you just need a rod and a guide. In case you don't have your your ski equipments you can shop it or hire it from near by shops skis, sticks and goggles. Just find yourself a ski instructor and set off down a slope. You need not exert yourself acclivating the mount of snow. The gentlest slope of 200m is linked with a ski lift, which helps one to go up. The longest ski at Gulmarg is provided by the Gondola cable car, which allows a ski run of 2,213m.

Zone 2: Mundali, Garhwal
For sure you are going to fall in love with Mundali as it possess such charm that can woo you no end. Mundali has a perfect panorama of snow-capped Himalayas and vast skiing slopes where professionals can enjoy.

Zone 3: Munsiyari
Located at a distance of 66 kms. From Jaulibi and 127 kms. From Pithoragarh. Munsayari has some best base to trek and ski on the Milam, Namik and Ralam glaciers p and Betulidhar are two high altitude places that offer excellent conditions for skiing.

Zone 4: Dayara Bugyal, Garhwal
Dayara Bugyal provides excellent ski areas over a base that stretches at 28 sq. kms. Winters are the best time to ski at Dayara Bugyal and once you are tired of skiing you can camp near the small lake.

Skiing Zone:5 Skiing in Auli, Garhwal
Temptations attempts too many risks at Auli, just because it is a jungle of snow. Only snow and wind velocity is visible and audible here. Auli enjoys edge over other hill stations when it comes to skiing. Auli offers 180 views of Himalayan peaks. Seasonal skiiers have a perfect clean stretch of 10-20 kms pristine slopes. You can cross the country and become a part of downhill skiing events.

Zone 6: Skiing in Manali
Manali is never on the backseat for the reasons of skiing. Blessed with regions like Kufri, Narkanda, in the state of Himachal. Manali has excellent skiing slopes where one can ski during summers and winters too. Kufri, a neighbouring slope to Shimla, list to top amongst the favourite destinations of skiiers. So pull your socks up and tighten your skiing clothes to whiz along the slopes in Manali.

Win some ice!!!
The Uttranchal government organizes National Winter Sports Championship in the month of February/March. Skiiers from throughout the country are invited to participate in the challenging sports held under the aegis of Indian Olympic Association and state bodies.

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