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Scuba Diving in India

"The adventure of Scuba Diving reposes on the apparatus developed in 1943 by Jacques Cousteau along with Emile Gangnan. The apparatus could be carried down in a tank and relieved people from use of diving suits."

Scuba DivingRe-kindle your frair's lantern to build the castles under water and fetch out the remains of the long lost Ramayana that is submerged under the sea. Get ready to explore the sea in a free floating adventure zeal where you can date the turtles and live in a coral house on a scuba diving trip to the scaring depths of the sea. One of the top most degree of adventurous water sports in India, Scuba Diving is just a jaunt to obscure realms of marine life or the aquatic galaxy. To many whom Scuba Diving exudes relentless appeal, India is the right destination charted with three crests of sea on its tapering end, thusly embellishing it with an appellation of peninsula.

Scuba Diving - The first appearance
Scuba is just about self-contained underwater-breathing apparatus and scuba diving is underwater exploration for the adventure and inquisitiveness to seek the life under water. Man has forayed into several spheres of life since ages unknown. But with scientific development and growth in the recent eras the idea of vacationing under water is being fast endorsed by many adventure aficionados world wide. However diving is no new game as the pearl fishers and spear fishers practiced them, but in any case that was limited to some meters until the world heard of Scuba.

When you Scuba Dive ....
A four fold process, Scuba Diving is a cock tail of fun and adventure bouts. Whether you are vacationing on the beaches or have purposely visited the coastline to realize the fun, Scuba Dive lays some conditions like mental and physical strength and prior experiences of diving and swimming. The first steps begins with checking your underwater gears and putting on the diving gears starting with the face mask to the fins. Also check for your nose inside the mask properly is important for you have to sometimes blow through the nasal passage to clear the mask. The second step is to just load lot of weights in your belts and getting into jacket with the gas cylinders. Now just when you feel that you are in perfect gears go down the sea with your support line attached to you. Next when you are about to be lost remember all the safety measures. Practice some of the exercises that you are taught to avoid the pain in the ears.

India- A flourishing aquatic base
Scuba Diving is an immense joy where you can explore the marine world with just a right pair of flippers and oxygen mask. Expanding to many kilometers the Indian coastlines extends to the mighty waters of the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal offering finest beaches jewel-like island groups and marine life, cliff promontories, mangroves, backwater offering you a wide variety of options for diving.

Indian Destination to Scuba Dive
Scuba DivingOne of the best places to go for Scuba Diving is Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep islands. The area is rich with marine life and and some of the rarest varieties of corals in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Carbyn's Cove Tourism Complex. One can enjoy diving from dawn to dusk depending on the weather. Diving at the Havelock islands proves to be a unfathomable trip to ensnare some rare glimpse of underwater marine life, colorful fish, rare coral reefs, mysterious remains of sunken ships, etc. Lakshadweep is another frequented islands for the scuba diving. Take peep of the types of corals that ranges from tall sea fans to small hydroids.

On facing the sea hazards...
  • Don't be a heart patient
  • Spit out your hydrophobia
  • Check out with your physicians for your blood pressure
  • You need a diving certification if you are below 11-15
Scuba Diving involves danger but only enough to boost the sense of adventure and thrill. You may see the fun and thrill rising high as soon as you don the gear. The sea presents it's unique show pieces to them who think it to be just a unending saltwater lake. India is fast catching with the adventure tourism destination of the world; and scuba diving and snorkeling as well as other water sports are going to be an integral part of this.
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