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Paragliding in India

Paragliding Borrow a pair of wing and a shelter against the wind to dive in the sky, soar like an eagle and take a flying view what the world looks like. Feel the taste of Paragliding, the most practiced aviation sports in India. Leave the unkempt fear, grounded on earth, and get ready to fly in the nearing vacation. Multiply your frolic quotient with adventure adrenaline levels to set out for something different i.e. Paragliding. The adventure sport is the call of challenge to the buffs who have booked their space in water and are waiting to reserve their space in air. Script your Paragliding anecdote now onwards....

Feeling High!!!
Paragliding is picking up the feeling of flying with the help of inflated wings that will lead to your playground in the air. You can become a monarch of the world and share the space with feathery creatures of the air with the help of your air-craft. Lay out your Paragliding equipments near the hillside and mountains, blow it up like a balloon and run a few steps before you unknowingly in the air. After you have surfed the downright site just steer your gliders on a landing plane and glide down gently.

Fun @ Paragliding
Paragliding is an absolute fun as you can you can handle it according to your choice and preferences Inflate your gliders in no air zone, try stabilizing it overhead with a touch of the brakes, set it in a motion with a steady trot, and yet it will also fly forward in quite a strong breeze. The specialty of the para gliders lies in its easy handling mode where it can turn with a gentle pull on a single handle or will fly straight, with a little more than an occasional shift of your shoulders. It is far easier to handle a paraglider in the air than on the ground.

It costs you ....
  • A tempo to fly and learn.
  • It requires the same effort you need for cycling and driving
  • High pair of boots
  • Being fit is a major criteria
  • it involves fair amount of walking and running
  • Last but not the least but you cannot glide until you are trained thoroughly.

ParaglidingParagliding tools
Your baggage doesn't consists heavy weight rather just paraglider, harness, helmet and radios during the lessons.

Down below me lay towns and cities and land, I'm King over all even so up here I am free, as an innocent bee And King over all that I know.

Paragliding Sites In India
Billing : The most important Paragliding site in the Dhauladhar ranges, famous for its meadow.

Manali : It owns a picturesque point of snow capped mountains and meadows, with these attributes Manali offers on of the best flying experience in the regions.

Dyar and Bijli Mahadev : A popular site in the Kullu Valley that where you can get guided by the local priests of the temple.

South India : Gilding over the green terrains provides with ultimate fun and new sightseeing experience. The most common Paragliding junctions in other parts of India are Ooty, Munnar, Nilgiris and Elavizha poonchira.

Some other places like Aravalli Hills, Western Ghats and Deccan Plateau are also great places for Paragliding.
¤ India Jungle Safari (16 days)
¤ Extensive Kerala (10 days)
Ms. Lucy
Follow the latest vogue- Hang-Gliding, at your adventure vacation. Thanks to the technology up gradation in India, you can home in for it at many hill stations. How about dating in the air for two hours?
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