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Horse Safari in India

Horse Safari in Rajasthan, IndiaOnce these horses were used by the warriors during war and were a means of transport for the travellers. For many riding horses were a gallant hallmark of their status during the antediluvian era. Today, in the era of sleek cars and shimmering six wheelers, horses riding has gained a status of adventure sports. Moreover riding a pure bread Indian horse gives you a taste of real pleasure. On horseback you can venture further into the remote area and get closer to the wildlife than you can on foot. Ride through the secret valleys of India and you can enhance your adventure by taking this expedition at sunset. Feel the tall grasses, the wild breeze along with the amazing sights of wild life. Awaiting are the surprises on your royal horse safari.

Live Entr'acte
What better way is there to experience and enjoy these wonders than from the back of a horse? Indian Horse Safaris offers a choice of horse trail rides. It can be of any number of days where you stay in the camp and venture into the surrounding areas. You can club Horse Safari with other adventurous activities such as kayaking and snorkelling. You do not have to be a good rider to enjoy viewing game on horseback, although some experience will enhance your safari. On your Horse Safari trip you will be accompanied by music artists, massage after a long day, dine out new recipes on the campfire and visiting a private homes. Horse safaris are usually conducted in the hilly terrains and forested countryside and are ideal for taking to the trail.

Horse Safari in Mountanous Regions, IndiaRide Royal !
Galloping on a well built buck give a touch of fineness and oppulence. Sit on a royal make along with the right trainer of the horse to enjoy your safari across many miles. The horse saddles are well designed for the tourists who can gallop perfect in the saddles of luxury.

The Horse Stoppages
The land of kings, fearless warriors and beautiful women, Rajasthan is known for its forts, palaces and temples. Kingdoms were carved and established by the Rajputs on horseback, while swords were stained with enemy blood. Ride on the trails that once reverberated with the galloping of the mighty Rajput horses. The itineraries are planned to give an interesting experience with horses along with a complete insight into the desert lifestyle and scenic views across a wide range of terrain.

Mountainous Regions
The ultimate horse safari destinations in India are the mountainous regions of Himalayas. While you can always opt for trekking and short hiking trips within the Himalayas, still horse safari becomes a totally new experience if it is done in the national parks of the states of Uttaranchal and Himachal.

Corbett National Park
Tourists can avail numerous jungle safari packages and get the opportunity to sight animals such as Jackal, buffalo, fox, hyena, leopard, wild cats, crocodiles and tigers. Corbett National Park is one of India's finest wildlife sanctuary. The park stretches over 1300 sq. kms in the Himalayan foothills with open grasslands, sal and riverine forests and the beautiful Ramganga river flowing through the entire length. Over 50 mammal and 580 bird and 25 reptile species have been listed in Corbett.

Before Galloping
Chaps & riding helmets. Sheep skin. Small soft water bottle to go into you saddle bag. Light wind proof rain coats. Flash light. Sun protection hats.
¤ India Jungle Safari (16 days)
¤ Camel Safari Tour (05 days)
Ms. Lucy
Follow the latest vogue- Hang-Gliding, at your adventure vacation. Thanks to the technology up gradation in India, you can home in for it at many hill stations. How about dating in the air for two hours?
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