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Fishing Vacation in India

Fishing vacation in Himachal Pradesh, IndiaFishing the tale of fish ...
The tale of fishing in India is as old as its rivers and lakes in which the fish grew for the sake of being fished and providing the tourists with quality time of fishing. The adventure sports of today was once a favourite pass time of the erstwhile monarchs of India who found the sports, which also provided them a time contrive the plan for their next war, quiet interesting. The rulers were replaced with a democratic King and waters pulled their level back but the fish remained in the placid waters to narrate the lore of kings to unknown wayfarers. Now, this is no fishing the history of fishing.

Fish for your holidays !!!
For those of us who love fishing, picking a perfect spot for the family vacation is relatively easy in India. All you need is accommodation, a body of water and of-course fish. Fishing is an activity which can be especially enjoyed with the rest of the family members, who might be easily pleased at the prospect of spending their holiday in a fish camp. If you're planning your trip and want to catch a particular species, please see that the season you visit is the right one. If your fishing trip includes children, make them learn more about the types of fish found in India and turn this fishing vacation a fun for kids. India's 50,000 kms of waters, inclusive of streams, rivers, backwaters and lakes, and 3000 kms of coastline, is one of the most potent country for fishing. The great Indian rivers like Brahmaputra, Ganga, Yamuna, Krishna, Mahanadi and Cauvery are home to the finest of fish like Katli, Rohu and Mahseer. Furthermore, most states have well-organised Departments of Fisheries, where special hatcheries ensure that there’s always a gene pool of local and exotic fish. Fish sanctuaries and hatcheries in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and other states through which major rivers flow, maintain a vast stock of fish which are specially bred for re-stocking rivers.

The major fishing shelters
Shelter One- Himachal
Himachal is an angler's ultimate destination. Both brown and Rainbow Trout acclaimed as the best sport fish in the world are found in Himachal's streams. Upstream of Rohru in the Pabbar valley region of Himachal, there are several spots that are ideal for fishing. Chirgaon has a trout hatchery, and other common trout fishing sites are- Seema, Mandil, Sandasu, Tikri and Dhamvari; situated near to Rohru.

Shelter Two: Assam
Angling is also among the favourite sport of Assam. The major fishing point in the state is River Brahmaputra, yet one can also check out Jia Bhoroli River, Kapili, Manas, and Bhalukpung too for a better game of angling.

Fishing Vacation in Assam, IndiaShelter Three: Arunachal Pradesh
The state of Arunachal Pradesh, Pasighat have a lot of places like Yingkiong, Bodak, Siom, etc., that provide good spots for Fishing and Angling. The Mahseer being a favorite among angles, getting a 20-30 kg over here is not uncommon. The colder waters of the higher reaches of Arunachal have the golden and the rainbow trout and anglers can easily enjoy the traditional but effective methods of fishing while trekking in the jungles of Arunachal.

Fishing Camps
Situated about 100-kms away from the city of Bangalore in Karnataka is Bheemeshwari - a river line holiday camp; 46-kms further is Doddamakati, a satellite camp with Galibore, which is only 16-kms away from here. Together, these three make the destination choice for confirmed anglers, as the river Cauvery that flows over here is the habitat of the world's finest game fish, the Mahseer. Here are some of the major fishing destinations where you can fish in the clam waters of the river under the smiling sun with your feet up an hats down.

Camp 1. Cauvery River
Resting along the strong and bold Cauvery river is the Cauvery Fishing and Nature Camp, acclaimed for its treasure of great 'Mahseer' - the finest tropical sporting fish known to man. Another sport that can be accompanied here is trekking through thick forests and exploring the natural surroundings, offered by the nature camps. So come and discover peace and fun together and you will actually feel the travails of city life fading away.

Camp 2. Kabini River Lodge
Famous as India's ultimate wildlife resorts, Kabini river lodge is a major fishing ground . The pristine green jungle on the banks of the greenest of paradise, cleanness of rivers, and freshness in air like awaits to disclose her beauty to the tourists who trample upon the grounds. Kabini river lodge, a unique wildlife resort at Karakul, is tucked in the southern fringes of Mintaka's Rajiv Gandhi National Park. Wildlife enthusiasts whether on a quick getaway trip or looking for a longer stay can take up any of the exciting customized packages, when visiting the lodge.

It's Fishing Time
On the whole, October to November and mid-February to mid-May are the best times to go sport fishing in India. Another major thing to be kept in mind is that fishing in many parts of India is banned during the monsoons as it is breeding time for fishes.

Tips for a fishing vacation
It's a rare occasion when anglers get the ideal weather, great structure, the right bait, the right light and the perfect position to consistently catch fish. When they get these at one time, they savor the moment for rest of their life. Read about their natural life cycles, talk to other anglers and gauge your trips accordingly. If you can only fish a few times a year, fish these peaks to increase your confidence and your chances of catching fish. Hiring a guide can also be an excellent way to learn a new body of water, pick up some tips and learn some new strategies for enjoying fishing experiences. To fish in many areas you may require the a license or permit so just check with your guide as where will you attain the permit form the authorities.
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