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Camel Safari in India

Camel Safari, Rajasthan, IndiaCars and the six wheelers are going evanescent in Thar as the latest in-vogue for vacations are these humpy humbles called as Camels. The desert festivals are the fastest selling adventure holidays in the recent era. Camel rides are the best means to view the rustic Rajasthan and riding for some days on these dromedaries will take to know their value on the golden heaps of sand. The vast expanse of the deserts poses a challenge to the spirit of adventure. Ride the desert kings and explore endless deserts scape, the royal palaces, the mighty forts and temples in red and yellow sandstone. This sprawling desert is vibrant and alive with splashes of colors which are an integral part of the village life. Climb scrambly on these bluntly staring beasts for the journey on ' Ship of the Desert'.

A sailor on the deserts ....
Seeing Rajasthan from the top of a camel's back takes you back to time of rulers who ferried on the back of camels from one to another city. Ride through the sandy zones and trample on the dunes through remote villages, the solitary oasis, experience the dark starry nights and dance to musicians playing a haunting, stringed instrument. Sitting on top of the camel you can surf the sights of dilapidated buildings and mansions along with the flora and fauna of the desert area. Also on your halts you can become a part of cultural performances like fire dances and musical shows by the local artists of the deserts . Gorge on to the traditional Rajasthani meals and the lay down on picturesque hamlets with friendly folks.

Camel Carting
The Camels are spruced up by their breeders who are also the best guides of the place . These camels know every pasture, waterholes and village of the place and they halt accordingly. While you are on the desert scape and a perfect camel cart, laid out with the best of facilities that a tourist may require, you are likely to come across the prefect desert scape bespeckled with cities, temples and fortresses. One of the basic thing worth noticing is that these camels never seem fatigued what ever be the distance. When you are getting down the camel don't forget to pat this creature for a wonderful journey.
Safari Spots
Rajasthan Safari
Camel Safari in Agra, IndiaThis fascinating journey on Camel travels will take your family through the medieval towns and Forts of Rajasthan such as to a tiny 12th century caravan city of Jaisalmer, traversing a starkly beautiful wilderness of dunes, chances of seeing Chinkara Antelope, and perhaps even the Great Indian Bustard. Rajasthan, India's westernmost state, is the very essence of exotic India- barren desert and drifting sand dunes. You'll be overwhelmed by sounds and sights, colours and fragrances which will stay with you long after.

Tourists, along with there family can still enjoy the desert experience in the Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, where special cultural performances are also organized by the Rajasthan tourism department for the entertainment of tourists in the evening. The camps are specially set of the travelers, serving traditional Rajasthani meals and in the company of warm hearted Rajasthani people.

Chambal Safari
The Chambal Safari is a must for visitors to Agra as the camel safari takes you to the picturesque Atar Fort. Enjoy the vivid and colorful attires of local people and listen to their beautiful folk sound.

Plan your safari during...
Most camel safaris are organized in the winter, when the weather's good. Rajasthan's summers are almost unbearably hot and dry, so going on a camel safari during this time is virtually impossible. November to March, when days are cool is when most camel safaris are organized.

Destination Covered
Safari, an excellent way to unearth a distant destination. The Camel Safari's in India are organized with vast skill and imagination in the vast Thar Desert of Rajasthan. The best safaris can be done around Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner, in the very heart of the Thar.

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