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Home on the shore....Majorda Beach Resort

Majorda Beach ResortNo body's aim is to settle down on these sands, they all go for fun and pleasure there but alas you need to bid a bye to your 'no' and stick to 'yes, of course' as soon as you enter this area of luxury in Goa. No more mystery and no more surprises, living at Goa's Majorda Beach Resort is like pooling in lavishness with semi-synthetic part of nature. It is one real resort where you can forget-that-same-old-world and enjoy a buffet of sea shore charm.

I was not the first one to visit this resort many had already been a victim of this charming domain. I have heard galore of this and all that kept building my tempo. In year 2005 February I got a golden chance to pounce upon this much awaited wonder. The beginning was enthralling and rest continued on its own.

Stranded on the beach
Just after I alighted my flight I was at Majorda Beach Resort in no time as it hardly takes fifteen minutes from the airport to reach the proper destination of Majorda- the symbol of liveliness. Just as the sight was capturing and magnificent hospitality was smiling satisfying on us. The smile on their faces reminded me of Goa's liveliness and loads of sussegad's repercussions. The compound was almost 20 acres of glamorous space and perfect space to languid. On entering the reception I was totally enchanted by decorum of place and o-my-god what a reception was that!!! I jumped to a conclusion instantly. I knew it was fast but that was just a trailer.

Room under the sky...
On one side the beaches kiss the hotels and on another side it is just huge expanse of water and sand.

The resort has 120 rooms and 10 excellent cottage with a balcony view and many rooms with ocean view. My room was placed significantly to hold a view of sea n sand. The balcony seemed to be engulfed by extended area and room poised to be under a sky. I still have that cosy feel clinging to me. Majorda is one serene place to blast your fatigue and skip into to the unbounded nature ways. Since my days of yore, a luxurious home on the beach was a dream unfulfilled. Majorda was such fulfillment of my dream. The morning air is scented with freshness of the air near by waft of sea beings and it takes hundred dreams to step on the wet sands of beach, leaving fine imprints of your footsteps, and collect a bagful of sea-shells. Dawn brings on the shore thousands of people clad in the morning gown for nature's fresh review. As soon as I was back in my suite I was amazed by the spectacular view of the sea-side view. It seemed that my garden was joined with the sea to mark a new horizon.

Feeding my appetite...
Like many other I too tried Goa's Feni but eating out at hotel was far more satisfying. Out of five big eateries inside the resort I lingered on for more at Sea Shells. The food was unbelievably stupendous. Majorda's seasonal grill is one that moves my taste buds every-time I mention its name. Dining at Garden Cafe is a wonderful delight specially in the moonlit nights. Cafe` Del Mar is Goa's only indoor pool that has a inbuilt coffee shop. Sipping a cup of coffee in the cool natural environment is really awesome. Another one in row is Laguna that is really worth dining at.

Massage away those blues...
Majorda Beach Majorda is synonymous to luxury living. There are much more things, beyond imagination, to indulge in. The spa massage at Majorda is one such luxurious indulgence as well. From the white sands of Majorda Beach, to " Kalari" - the therapeutic massage in ancient Keralite tradition with ayurvedic herbal pastes & natural oils is all beautiful experince.A humble massage from the people of resort is definitely a perfected attempt to transport you to a world ignus fatus.

Night Birds Kiboshes
Spin the roulette wheel at Goa's latest Casino and that too while you are stationed at Majorda Beach Resort. Majorda is one hottest joint where as nightlife is concerned. Try your luck on the One Armed Bandit' and soon you may be laughing all the way to the bank. And the music is irresistible so much so that you must get ready for the foot-tapping jazz and salsa. Goa comes alive during the night. It says eat, drink and be merry.

Boozer's Haven
Majorda is choice of classic boozers. At night you can spot Goa's big shot in the bar. The resort offers you an environment to enjoy a lifetime booze party. The soft music will never let your tavern spirit decline down. It is only the soft music that would intoxicate your soul...

Writer's Account
Benjamin Allan
Benjamin Allan is a young and vibrant travel specialist who would guide you to a perfect location in most comfortable manner. Traversing to places, perfumes, food and luxury are his leading qualities and fascinations. Allan spills forth one such penchant in the following article. Know more about Allan and his discoveries in – 'Leh Ladakh Lamas'.
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