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A lill' bit of Goa on my mind

Goa BeachSome leg and hip shaking Chachacha` with a raunchy track on the sandy flip-flops was an unfathomable experience in Goa. I and Cecil got a chance to survey a wedding with our beady paranoid eyes finding an involuntary movements from one to another side, skillfully licking the last drop of our Whisky-and -Soda. We both were a replenishing souls, on a rejuvenating exile in Goa, or in much better terms, we were office absconders. Too much of travelling tips to our clients got heavy on us.........we coveted an adjournment. So there we were laying on the sand on Calangute Beach unmindful of the world.

Here is an account of my being an uninvited guest or percipient in a Goan wedding..........
The whole world dropped their jaws for our unfettered existence as unmoved bachelors in our early 30's. Cecil was fish-like boozer, his sharp observation protected under his unkempt appearance and I was a hassle free slouch refuting all the coercions to my bachelorhood .........a degree below bachelor ship. A corner table in a cool bar did justice to me until my eyes, red shot with over drunkenness fetched it self a beautiful fixture- Donna Carolina. Unfortunately she happened to be the bride. It wasonly then that I was introduced to Goan Wedding and the culture these beach side merrier followed.

A perfect marriage in Goa
Marriages are made in heaven and venues in Goa. There is nothing like attending wedding in Goa. The bride and her groom Dr Albetros poised a perfect couple in their wedding suit. The bride's wedding apparel made her look stunning in purple satiny maxie while the other half was dressed in black suit with a bow tie. Besides the cynosure was a small gang in best of their garbs, wearing ear to ear smile. It seemed a perfect moment when all the hostilities were ceased, albeit temporarily. ''...put your left foot and shake it all about! Dooooooooooo the Boogie Woogie''. I wanted to join happening party crowd and kept fantasizing some fishy twists and tales of wedding. The sand as a marriage venue was gripping and the dance floor overlooked the sea expanse. Goans are ready with a perfect waltz and twists of their bods, they just need music and a chance. Worries at the backseat of their mind, wedding or any occasion means dancing their heart out. The warming gusto comes alive with wedding couple step into a new phase of their lives with combination of birdie dance and salsa. The contrast between the spirited young couple up the front, and the resignedly one behind, was not lost on John, who couldn't help but grin to himself.

Sun, sand, sea and food
What could have appeased me and Cecil anything more than food. Although we had been delimited to just mouth watering aroma of the carte du jour that on the buffet table. The buffet was announced by the master of ceremonies in his contrived American accent. The converging que from all sides of table quickly reminded of flashy headings of 'Outlook Travellers - Goans identity is roosted in eating, drinking and making merry'. A nostalgic Goan usually ends up reminiscing about the taste of their grandmothers' sorpotel, the texture of a perfect bibinka, or the aroma of a large glass of feni. Besides just the starters, the main course includes of Pork Chips, Red Curry, Roasted Salad. Fooding was much better while the young lass, who just touched their newfangled twenties were like a drop of blue bay on the dried earth of our leisure observation. We had another glass of whiskey.

The whole earth was the guest
Goa ChurchThey do things differently at Goa, even marriages. The wedding vows exchanged were coming to shape, the initial blushing started fading-off the bride's face as she moved back and forth in her salsa. Slowly at the end the lunch, above the din of whoops and screams, the sprightly crooner spirited jazz improvised of classic Mando of love and betrayal strained to compete. The most noticeable fact was that Goans are cordial out of the way. The wedding, venue just looked in sync with time. At one time the whole beach appeared to be wedding invitees.... hippies and faces from across the world bedighted the wedding with beautiful expressions. The beach mela embellished Donna's and Albatross's wedding and the sea along with the sky and balmy breeze benignantly blessed the couple.

Writer's Account
Lucy is a vacation consultant and tour impresario with our company. A typical Taurean, she madly loves travelling, and India is her favourite destination. She discloses her admiration for Indian women and their dressing besides her love for spending evenings on sea shores. Intensely infatuated by Goan wedding she jots a humorous account of being a witness to one of the marriages in Goa. Read more about a surprising account of Nilgiri trekking in
'Scaling the unscaled heights' by her.

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