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Glitters Of Water

The wind and the lonely me....
The glitters of the water on the sea & life has come to halt,
Some count it beauty and I as sublime sea ........

Water GlidingWhat does a barnstormer want out of his journeys? Probably some ingredients for his next performance that has a smell of his experiences and a weight of traveling souvenirs. My job as a travel specialist inclined onto this aspect little more than any other. Places, travelling and savior-faire do bounce back on the your psychedelic realms but all this was evocative after my just one day on Kettuvalloms- the traditional house boats of Kerala. Offered by Kerala State Tourism it is excellent place to have a long trip of this God's Own Country. So enamoured I was by the Kettuvalloms that my mind came to rest, unwittingly of other experiences, with the striking beauty of the bamboo artifacts.

Try water gliding....
Backwaters are just not a thing of beauty but lifeline of people living in Kerala. Life sprouts near these Kayal or canals, breathing a natural appropriateness in people who swear by these water and earn their livelihood. Water water every where... and a moving palace on it. It happens to be just another Titanic isn't that it? Here is something much more promising than just a on-screen Titanic. Take just one trip to Kerala Houseboats and your heart goes ohhhhhh...... lalalala. The lush green surroundings with a platter full of countryside view is the most coveted sights of all the tourists in Kerala. Houseboats make you feel like like wayfarer who seeks jaunty trips with extreme enthusiasm to explore something that lies ahead of land.

Heralding on for water journey
Like many other I too started my journey at Alleppey. It takes a full six hours journey on which you can explore several options like staying back on the houseboats or just sailing to measure the banks of backwaters. I chose to sail and surprise people as it wasn’t often that somebody came alone to stay on a houseboat. The Kerala houseboats are just wonderfully carved wooden structures with full luxurious fittings and so do their prices vary. However, the one bargained for a higher expense are accordingly donned with a rustic views of the past. The dimly lighting lanterns are just cool and viewing Kerala in that light is a pleasant experience. I couldn't help my mind, standing in the balcony area, from getting glued to the beautiful colours of waters changing blue to emerald to green.

Unbelievably, the scene was mesmerizing from square and circular windows of these houseboats where colour of skies was getting mirrored in the water. The oarsmen splashed their rowing rods against the water meanwhile whole group of fish floated on water surface. At once you seem to be lost in the waters, trees and sky of that area.

Nights are excellent on a houseboats, and starry nights even better. The lighted resorts shine from a faraway distance where ripples on water displayed its reflection. All my senses seemed to melt away in the surrounding at once. Something within me reminded me that I was part of this creation, this beauty all around, what I saw was part of me too. For a while, I lay on the deck with eyes staring at the sky. I did not even guess that when sleep would take over me.

My Green ways
Glitters of WaterKerala is green no doubt but greener than that were my ways . My houseboats slides on waters like a serpentine, being embraced each time by aroma of scented breeze. I cherished every inch of verdure around me; the palm groves, banana trees and paddy fields. Flowers of red and other colours provided a pleasant backdrop for tiny cottages settled on the banks backwater canals. Fishermen in their boats with nets under the water, were working for their daily catch. And there were these thin small boats, Vallum, similar to canoes. Whenever on boat I am tempted to try my hands for rowing the boat. Well, after half an hour of rowing I sensed that the water in the lagoons was cold but luring. The lake gave me much more charm to enjoy and treasure some moments in the corner of my mind. Still writing my travelogue gave me a chance to present my thoughts but my dreams and memories are still partially expressed.

Writer's Account
Kim Grindley
Kim has been through mountains creeks, drove excessively, and is well versed with mile stones of major hill destinations in India. An efficient travel consultant with Family Vacation India, Kim loves her husband Nick, sea shells and diversity of India. One of the most adept guide for home stays in remote destinations of India, she shares some sine qua non resorts for consummate resort vacation.
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