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Elephants- A mammoth pleasure

ElephantsOf all the living beings elephants have appealed me the most. Possessing some predilection for elephants, I was throughout haunted by idea of visiting their homes for a heavy date. Thanks to my office PC that granted me one chance to visit Kaziranga National Park. It was on my PC that I got stuck with an outstanding photograph of a group of elephants on one the vacation site. So pleasant was the picture that it took me seconds to add it to my screen saver and finally to Kaziranga National Park. Tigers are wild monarchs, avians can feather around, rhinos can be horrendous to watch but elephants are interesting to watch. Am I presenting a prejudiced view?

Grabbing the giants........
The greens did appease me but going by the notion of visiting with guides was not my idea of vacation. My desire made me go a long way. I decided to go and catch some of them in their proclivity, hiding myself, as my presence would have been deterrent to their god made frolic. After going through the swampy lands of Kaziranga and enjoying the jeep safari I was still not influenced. Climbing the elephant and spotting one or two hither-thither made my sedated desire, to a lesser extent, find a gushing vent one fine morning.

The E-Day.......
I left my Jungle Resort in a complete mess, hurrying my steps to way out exit of hotel while some wild thoughts acted as fillers for my empty mind, which was about to be flooded with ferocious faces of a tiger or some melodious rhythm of a sweet cuckoo. Owing my concentration to these elephant I could not have allowed other images to engross my psychoactive plane. Soon after, my haywire thoughts matured to a row of machinated images for my adventure laying forth.

My steps walked faster than my thoughts for the eagerness in me was taking an outward turn. I was designated, due to the benignity of the mammoth giants, to hold the incomparable post of a spectator for a entertaining romp of wild elephants. Little was my knowledge edified about the degree of entertainment by these large and majestic performers of jungle. I was a humanly monarch going to be amused by the herd of elephants, paying them a amount of 'being oblivious'.

While I tried making my way into the dense forest I caught one or two uprooting a tuft of grass with their trunk and dusting it off against their knees. That of course made me stop for a while, only interrupted by the rumble of a young tuskers who romped on the bank of a breathtaking watercourse at Kaziranga National Park. The tusker show was to commence as it gathered the initial froth just.

Bit by bit when I started to stabilize myself becoming oblivious to the world, just when a pat on my back pinched my submersed attention, I had a new joinee spectator, John my vacation friend. I recollected my gestured as John forced a hidden smile out of me. We were two now. Strolling towards the centre of the park we exchange some expostulations about species and park's management, but we soon evaded the topic on encountering the sight of the wild herd that pranced their way towards us. I immediately pulled John and placed him behind the tree bark . .......we were the hidden spectators.

My eyes got fixed on one bull who seemed to be the Don. He pulled a mouthful of vegetation and casually flapped his ears, played some acrobatics and trumpeted on a regular interval. The other gang members played mischievously, in a free reign, with their trunks and plucked a trunk of green leaves from the tree. Interestingly, the younger most baby elephant was not comfortable to share it's space with the birds of Kaziranga as it often rolled hid trunk upwards on a chorus perch. On account of viewing my hidden day time jungle matinee, I candidly take the pleasure to announce my liking for the bull for the reason that it was the 'Don'. And the Don exulted as he talced himself with the dust of the forest floor. I captured one shot in my camera which is now a desktop of my Lappy.

An elephant on job.........
Elephants SafariSeeing an elephant in the wild was one unforgettable experience, more of watching an entertaining drama on TV. When a herd of elephants feed themselves togather, it can be like a giant kitty party, with dozens of trunks reaching out to pluck the most succulent leaves. Feast apart, sitting on the back of the elephant made me realize that an elephant can carry you places where 4x4 vehicles can't across rivers, through dense grasslands and jungles- an indomitable 5x5, counting its four legs and trunks. Despite their bulk, these animals move with a remarkable silence. Elephants are much more interesting to watch when they go out for bathing in groups. A flying glimpse of elephants under water turned to be the an hours drama show, reminding me with a humanly emotion mother- child affection. While under water the matriarchs do exercise their limits of control with a great degree of affection by jostling and twining their trunks. It was a scene that lend great penetration into elephant's emotional plane; their tears, laughter, and incredible memories they have. Just when I was dwindling for these thoughts, John pointed towards an elephant playing between an elders' leg, rolling in the mud and spraying themselves in water. The ele-babies are raised and nurtured by their so called 'aunties', or just to say the elder elephants cow.

An impish evening. ..
It was my time to interrupt John on the account of my fathom about his getting carried away. I called him back for lunch in the jungle. I had no intention to waste time.

After our hot n delicious lunch as well as rounds of hot discussions on the wild show we could the only sight we could capture was of dusk that came with her wings open. The tedious task of capturing the sight of elephants in a mood to celebrate was really adventurous when serendipity pronounced on me and soon. ............. we were a part of grand celebration. We had shed our hides by now. These giants were having greeting ceremonies for a friend that has been away for some time returned to the group. Green leaves were plucked in large amounts and nature let her champagne down her favourite preservers.

In the evening we spent an hour watching an elderly bull wallowing in a backwater pool. He kept lifting a submerged tree with his tusk, then letting it fall with a splash providing entertainment for himself and us. Back, after jungle feast, in our resort, we re-counted many new discoveries about the elephants. Some of them goes like this an elephant's trunk can get very heavy and it is not uncommon to see them resting their trunks on the tusks. Elephants are sensitive beings where the entire family rumbles when the baby elephants complains. I forgot the most important to share with my other friends which John came up with, elephants do not drink with their trunks, but use them as a tool to drink with.

I went to sleep with the idea of gifting a travelogue to my much perturbing, yet interesting urge of seeing Elephants- A mammoth desire.

Writer's Account
Joe Morris
Joe Morris calls himself to be a 'wishful thinker', one who loves fantasizing about places. Catch a combo of Joe's Darjeeling fancy and his first hand experience of visiting the enticing hill station. Joe loves India and reveals his best kept travel secrets in an anecdote on sort of tea available in Glenberg. Read more about Joe's clandestine affairs with India.... in his article on
'Silent Enticements-Darjeeling Tea Tourism'.

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