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Darjeeling Tea Tourism

Darjeeling Tea GardenThe mist flirts. Throughout the sojourn to Glenburn, these are shades of the Raj still alive in some forgotten mountain estate, the air wafts with the fragrance of distant tea leaves. Some 5 miles before the Darjeeling is the idyllic hamlet of Ghoom-which at 7,407 feet-is the highest point of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The shrill whistle the antiquated steam engine sluices through the sifting mist like retired Soprano clearing her throat. The fragrance of tea in the mist conjures up the ceremonial tinkling of teaspoons on china. Estate by estate and leave by leave we drove past the Darjeeling beatification. It is the eastern tea country. A new additional phenomena that the Indian tourists have woken to in just last few years has found newfangled ways to add to its serene beauty.

Tea wafted trips...
Darjeeling, the most beautiful hill stations raves her undulated terrains, across many green ups and downs. Although to the tea aficionados like me, Darjeeling is synonymous with Orange Pekoe Tea. Traversing down from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling is a scenery mind blowing with green tea gardens and deep ravines on the either side. Travelling in the trains of Darjeeling gives you an oddball experience of moving in the Raj era, when sahibs use to be transported to the summer stations. Darjeeling trains unlike, Rajdhani and Shatabdi, give you a chance to pick up the clothes and snap vistas in your close proximity. The scene is all the more appealing when you see people hanging out the trains and children romping their ways.

But taking note of Darjeeling is not at all difficult as she prances atop 6000 ft chuckling sombre through her terraces. Well once you alight the antiquated engines the pretty mistress of tea estates would make you learn to walk, Darjeeling is bereft of any local transport.

Treat Tea ....
Once at Darjeeling don't miss out to peak those beautiful Himalayan peaks like Kanchenjunga, and many other unscaled heights that has lured trekkers since time unsaid. And just after which you are over with all these then cling to gardens and tea criteria- The essence of Darjeeling. There are three estates of the region-Glenburn, Gomtee and Makaibari- have turned there bungalows into tourist havens. The old and legendary tea establishments have moved to tea-based merchandising. Add to these have the promise of world's best tea growing outside outside your window, and get the perfect brew of the holiday. From Ghoom to a hamlet precisely named 6 miles is a winding descent so steep and uncomfortable that it almost feel like a fall from grace.

Glenburn is where it all starts. The nearest airport is Bagdogra, and for those who liked to be pampered, the estate offers much more. Beyond our suite at Glenburn, that offers disbelieving comforts, it offers glorious snow at Kanchenjunga. You can spend the day skinny dipping, trout fishing, rafting or simply bask in the mountain sun.

Tea `elan
Girl Plucking The Tea Leafs'Serve tea like Darjeeling attendants' should be the punchline of the tea ads now for tea is served with the attendant air of pride and presentations. Flamboyant tea sessions, complete with sand glass timers and antique tea weighing scales, are arranged to the visitors of the factories. Back at Darjeeling, just where the road rises to the Mall, is Keventer's. The famous terrace room, over looking like elites and exclusive Planter's club, looks shabbily genteel with the passage of years, but the tea hasn't changed a bit. It has 22 varities of tea here. Another is Nathmull's tea room that has all the varieties of tea here. Tea like soft drink is a fashionable trend during since the days of yore at Darjeeling.

Organic Tea Stations
If you have too much of Darjeeling tea and it ceases to interest you then just move to steam train Kurseong for Cochrane place. Cochrane Place, where the theme is tea and trains. The door to Cafe` is shaped like engines and it boasts of jacuzzi spurts tea bath, tea facial, and dinner where every dish is tea based and then with the morning newspaper comes a complimentary cup of tea in a traditional glass tumbler.

At the end Darjeeling is a beautiful landscape drive away that runs through bamboo thickets and beds of exotic mountain flowers leading eventually into a winding road, which undulates throughout the estate. The Gomtee is the last stop on the tea trail before the plains.

Writer's Account
Joe Morris
Joe Morris calls himself to be a 'wishful thinker', one who loves fantasizing about places. Catch a combo of Joe's Darjeeling fancy and his first hand experience of visiting the enticing hill station. Morris loves India and reveals his best kept travel secrets in an anecdote on sorts of tea available in Glenberg. Read more about Joe's clandestine affairs with India.... in his article on "Elephants- A Mammoth Pleasure".

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